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Our fruit-growing tradition dates back to the 19th century when the Kiefer family began cultivating fruit on our farm. This passion was passed down from generation to generation. In 1965, Josef Kiefer took over the operation and continued the cultivation of wine and fruit.

To secure the future of the business, the Kiefers decided in 1997 to bring Ralf Sester into the company. Together, they founded Kiefer & Sester GbR, which Ralf’s wife Simone Sester joined two years later. In 2007, Ralf and Simone Sester took over the management of the business and have since worked successfully on its development.

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Our dedicated team plays a crucial role in our operation. Thomas Müller is responsible for the technical area and oversees the storage and picking during the harvest. Martin Fiess is mainly active in the field operations and leads our employees. In addition, we employ twelve permanent Polish staff members who support us in our day-to-day business. During the peak season from April to June, we expand our team and, together with our other branch, the vine nursery, employ numerous Polish and Romanian workers.

The future of our operation is promising and secure. The children Paul, Jule, and Leni have grown up with the business and show great interest in continuing and developing the company. We are committed to making our operation sustainable for the future, to continue the tradition and quality of our strawberry cultivation for the coming generations.

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