We market our strawberries ourselves!

With the decision to leave the local fruit wholesale market, we made a conscious decision in favour of marketing our strawberries ourselves. This step required a reorganisation of our logistics in order to get our strawberries to our customers quickly, efficiently and in the best quality. We therefore decided in favour of an external warehouse and the installation of a rapid cooling system with additional cold stores in Oberkirch.

During the harvest season, the strawberries in our fields are carefully checked for quality and made ready for sale. The sweet, red fruits are then transported directly to our warehouse. There they are cooled down to two degrees Celsius within a very short time to ensure the freshness and shelf life of the strawberries.

Our strawberries are transferred to logistics within a few hours of being harvested to ensure that they reach our customers as quickly as possible. In this way, we can guarantee the quality, freshness and unrivalled flavour of the strawberries.

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