We stand for sustainability!

Our strawberries are grown under the strict conditions of the QS-GAP inspection system, QS inspection of labour and social conditions and the Baden-Württemberg quality mark! We stand for safe food, best quality from Oberkirch.

In our production, we attach great importance to naturalness and a responsible approach to the environment. We also use beneficial insects to naturally contain pests. 

In addition, our strawberry plants are less susceptible to fungal diseases and environmental stress thanks to the protection of the sun tunnel. With correct ventilation, the plants are exposed to less moisture in the sun tunnel, which means that fungal diseases multiply much less and are thus combated preventively. This reduces the need for auxiliary and operating materials and enables particularly sustainable and environmentally friendly cultivation.

We promote biodiversity!

Every year, we create flower strips on the edges and alternating areas of the strawberry fields. These provide insects and pollinators with a diverse range of flowers and create valuable food and refuge biotopes for other animal species. In this way, we contribute to the promotion of biodiversity.

We stand for fair working conditions!

We not only attach great importance to the quality of our products, but also to fair working conditions and a pleasant working environment for our employees. During the main season from April to June, we employ a large number of Polish and Romanian seasonal workers together with our other branch of the business.

We pay all our employees above the statutory minimum wage and attach great importance to their accommodation and catering. This is why we built a new building to accommodate our employees in 2017. With spacious and well-equipped rooms, modern sanitary facilities and a spacious common room with a catering kitchen, we promote work motivation and retain seasonal workers in our company in the long term.

A daily, hot and substantial lunch in the common room, where all employees - regardless of their origin - come together, is an important part of the working day for us. This not only satisfies the hunger of our hard-working employees, but also strengthens team spirit and cohesion.

Betrieb im September 2023