Ralf Sester

Phone 07802 / 980 281 
Mobile 0175 / 802 8066

Ralf Sester joined the company in 1997. Together with Josef Kiefer, he founded Kiefer & Sester Reben GbR. In 2007, Ralf and Simone Sester took over the business and continue to develop it. He keeps a watchful eye on the business, coordinates the management, staff recruitment management and customer care.

Simone Sester

Trained florist Simone Sester joined Kiefer & Sester Reben GbR in 1999. She is responsible for the accounting, accommodation and catering for the employees and the children Paul, Jule and Leni.

Thomas Müller

Mobile 0176 / 67307921

Thomas Müller has been fully supporting our business since 1st March 2018. He is responsible for the technical area and is in charge of the warehouse and order picking during the harvest. In this way, he ensures our quality production.

Martin Fieß

Mobile 0175 / 5609707

Martin Fieß joined our team on 1st December 2020. The trained master winemaker runs a wine and fruit-growing business in his home town of Oberkirch-Hesselbach. He supports us in the areas of employee management and external operations.

Our future

The three children Paul, Jule and Leni are interested in the future of the farm. They have a lot of fun on the farm in their free time. Paul Sester completed his secondary school leaving certificate in 2019 and his agricultural science Abitur in 2022. Paul is currently studying horticulture (B. Sc.) at Geisenheim University. In his spare time, he maintains the website, supports the business and is striving to succeed the business.